Wedding Videography
A nice to have – or a must have?

Talk to any bride and groom and they will tell you that their wedding day absolutely flew past. As a result, on the day it is impossible for the happy couple to take in everything and everyone. This means there are various parts of the day which you will simply miss or over time will forget even happened!

When it comes to planning a wedding, many couples often do not think a video is as important as other items on their wish list. However, we know so many couples who, after the day, really wish they could relive it all over again. A wedding day video will enable you to do just that.

A bride once said. . .

A bride recently told us ‘When we were in the midst of our wedding planning, we agreed pretty wholeheartedly on just about everything… except whether we should have a wedding video!’

At Wedding Day Filming we hear this alot and as a result, commissioning a wedding videographer often seems to slip down the wedding list ending up on the pile of ‘nice to have’ or maybe even on the ‘not in a million years thank you’ list.

This is a real shame as all of our clients have told us that after the event they can’t believe that they thought so long and hard about whether or not to capture the day on film.

A client once said. . .

One client recently told us that the penny finally dropped when they were watching some video from their cousin’s wedding back in 1995. All of a sudden they found themselves moving a wedding video from their ‘nice to have’ list way up the chart into the ‘must definitely have’ pile.

So what suddenly prompted this change of heart? They told us there were three things:

– The video they were watching had really captured the special atmosphere of the day and whilst they had many fantastic photographs and sweet wedding memories of their cousins wedding nothing brought it back to life as well as the video

They found it really poignant listening again to the wonderful speeches from the day – especially as the brides father had passed away a number of years previously. They said it was also amazing to see so many other friends and relatives looking so happy and celebratory (and younger!). And they told us they had forgotten how cute their little cousins had been when they were still so tiny, dancing and singing.

It dawned on them that they would love to have something they could show to their children – and their grandchildren!

Taking these simple things into account the couple found us and within two days it was all booked. The rest as they say is history!

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