Top Five Tips for Choosing you Wedding Videographer

Choosing the right wedding videographer can be a daunting task. There are so many to choose from and they all offer similar services with prices ranging anything from £400 through to a few thousand pounds. So, what do you need to be aware of, what questions do you need to ask and how can you be sure you are entrusting the capture of your special day to the right video filming company?

Here are our top 5 tips for choosing your wedding videographer:

1. Showreels, Showreels, Showreels

Nearly all reputable videographers now have examples of their work on their website. Grab yourself a bag of popcorn and take some time flicking through examples of their work. Not only will this exercise give you a good feel for the sorts of styles they can provide it will also help you to decide the sort of style you may want for your own wedding video.

2. Set a budget

You will quickly find that prices can vary quite a lot depending on how much of your day you want to capture (bridal preparations, just the highlights, the full ceremony, the reception, guests messages etc). Prices can also vary depending on what formats you want the final presentation delivered in (Web video, DVD). Check price lists before arranging any meetings with videographers and confirm with them what they offer within the quoted package.

3. Testimonials

There is nothing better than personal recommendation. Ask the videographer if it is possible to talk to past clients – if they refuse or make it difficult, steer clear.

4. Equipment

Ask the videographer what type of equipment they will use during your wedding. In particular, ask them how they intend to capture the audio – bad pictures can be made to look better in the edit suite but poor audio can ruin a final film. Ask if they will use radio mics on the groom and how they intend to capture the readings/speeches etc. Also ask if they will film your day with one or two cameras – we always recommend two cameras to capture all the action.

5. Pre-meeting

We strongly recommend a pre-meeting with your videographer at the venue so that you can talk through the day and decide on camera positions etc. Your videographer should also ask if you are happy to be directed for some shots on the day or whether you simply want the day captured without any shots specifically set up. If a consultation is not offered, think twice as poor planning and preparation by the videographer can mean that critical elements of the day are missed or worse still he/she is asking you questions on the big day itself!

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